Wireless Sensor Cat Water Fountain


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Battery 5200mAh 
Single box size 20 * 15 * 22 cm
Single box weight 1.1 kg
Outer box size 45*40.6*47cm,12pcs,14kg

Function Introduction:
1. Laser engraving induction water outlet 2. Rechargeable battery;
3.3 selectable modes, continuous, intermittent, and inductive;
4. Wireless induction water pump 5.3 Refiltration
6. Easy to disassemble, easy to clean, can be used as a dishwasher;
7. Transparent window with visible water level

About this item
1. Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled cords. Our wireless cat water fountain provides hassle-free placement anywhere in your home, ensuring your cat stays refreshed without limitations and preventing pets from biting on wires
2. External Battery: There is a water-electricity separation design to eliminate any charge from the water and allow pets to drink comfortably; With 5200mAh built-in battery, our pet water fountain can last up to 30 dyas on a single charge, so you can count on it to meet your pet’s hydration needs even you take business trips or you are in area without constant electricity
3. Smart Indicator: You are easily notified by low battery indicator and low water level indicator which enables you to recharge the battery and refill the water tank timely. With the water shortage detector, the pump automatically stops when water levels below a safe level to avoid overheating
4. 2 Flow Modes: In induction mode, it releases a 17s flow when detects your cat within 39 inch. It will also automatically water out for 20 seconds every hour to attract pets to drink water in this mode; Meanwhile, You can plug it in for a non-stop stream of water in regular mode(Note: No adapter is included)
5. Large Capacity: 2.8L water capacity cat water dispenser provides enough water for multiple pets to drink from and no more daily bulk refills needed. You don’t have to worry that the water will run out when you’re away from home.
6. Multi-Layer Filtration: The 4-layer filter system combines physical interception with PET mesh, PET filter cotton, activated carbon particles, resin and high-density sponge to filter out impurities and provide clean, safe, healthy drinking water. Please replace the filter every 4 weeks

Package List:
Water dispenser * 1
Water pump * 1
Filter element * 1
Filter cotton * 1
Instruction manual * 1

wireless cat water fountain
wireless cat water fountain

wireless cat water fountain
wireless cat water fountain

wireless cat water fountain
wireless cat water fountain
wireless cat water fountain
wireless cat water fountain
wireless cat water fountain

How often should I change the filters?

Please change the filter at least every 4 weeks or 2 weeks if you have multi pets.

How often should I clean the cat drinking fountain and pump?

It’s recommended to clean the cat water fountain at least once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria and debris.

I often go away on business. How many days can this fountain cover my cat?

When filled with water, the fountain can ensure at least a 9-day supply for a cat of normal size.

Can I use the fountain in a plug-in state in case I forget to charge it?

Of course. This fountain comes with a USB Type-C cable, which can ensure you to continuously use it in the plug-in mode.

If I left this fountain plugged in for continuous mode and the power went out, would it auto switch to battery mode?







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8 Filters+8 Sponges, White Cat Water Fountain, Black Cat Water Fountain, 4 Filters+4 Sponges


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